Internet Finance Association of Small and Medium-sized Banks


Internet Finance Association of Small and Medium - sized Banks (IFAB) is a non-governmental organization jointly set up by small and medium-sized banks led by Ping An Group under the guidance of the Financial Development Services Office of Shenzhen Municipal Government. Registered with Shenzhen Administration for Non-Governmental Organizations, it held a convention to announce the establishment of the association in December 2017. The Secretariat of the Association is established in OneConnect.

With the vision of building itself as a No.1 Internet finance association of small and medium-sized banks in China, the association now has over 230 members, with total assets of more than RMB 35 trillion. The Association consists of six major professional committees (strategy management committee, mobile interconnection committee, interbank business committee, risk management committee, Small and micro businesses committee, Fintech committee). Aiming to achieve "coordinated development for a mutually-beneficial and win-win result", and guided by the six principles (ACTIVE) (Authorization, Connection, Teamwork, Interaction, Verification, Empower), the Association is committed to continuously helping its members to enhance the Fintech level of small and medium-sized banks, as well as business innovation ability, so as to realize "Three Increases, Two Reductions” (competitiveness increase, income increase, service level increase, cost reduction, risk reduction). The Association continues to push forward the strategic transformation of small and medium-sized banks and promote the common development of the industry.

IFAB Introduction video

IFAB Foundation Ceremony video

Six Professional Committees

The Association's activities are carried out by professional committees. Centering on the issues and hot spots that small and medium-sized banks are most concerned about, the six professional committees will conduct exchange, communication and interaction, and achieve cooperation through the mode of “technology exchange, platform sharing, cooperation development and joint innovation”.

Strategy Management Cooperation

strategy rules

strategy consultation

strategy forum

strategy training


Fintech Cooperation



Cloud technology

Big data

Alliance cloud


Risk Management Cooperation

Public credit investigation data

Joint risk management model

Joint loan

Collection of non-performing loans

Blacklist and greylist sharing

Mobile Interconnected Cooperation

Group purchase of financial products/rights and interests

Interaction/points exchange of featured shopping malls

Joint marketing/operation

sharing of smart product preferences (Dr. An, Xiao’an customer service robot, facial recognition, mobile business development)

Small and Micro Business Cooperation

Precision profiling of customer

Approval and decision support

Risk pre-warning and monitoring

Customized product R&D

And credit cooperation strengthening

Inter-bank Business Cooperation

Sharing of platforms

Mutual financing of funds

Asset exchange

And business reciprocity


Six Principles —— ACTIVE







For more information, please visit the association’s official website