Core Technology

World-class FinTech Portfolios

With the world's top leading AI, Blockchain, Big Data Analytics and other advanced technologies, OneConnect has developed Fintech products for such scenarios as channel sales, product, risk management, services and operations. The multi-series scientific and technological product portfolio can be widely used in such financial fields as banking, insurance and investment, enabling small and medium-sized financial institutions to have access to the cutting-edge Fintech, thus achieving the overall improvement of smart operation.

Big Data


With our top experts in the field of AI, OneConnect has established the Gamma AI Research Lab and applied for more than 772 patents in total as well as launched a number of world-first AI scenario-based applications. At present, OneConnect has launched a series of industry solutions including Digital Marketing, Robo-Advisor, Digital Loan and Risk Management models.

Application scenarios

Account Opening/Application

Smart Loss Assessment

Smart Scheduling

Smart Customer Service

Gamma Digital Loan Solutions

As the first AI solution in the finance industry, the product integrates dozens of cutting-edge technologies, covering the entire process including smart application, interview and approval. The independent development of micro-expression recognition technology can be applied to credit interview with 80% accuracy rate of fraud identification, and it can replace more than 50% of in-person interview, a pioneering in the international fintech field.


Led by the co-founder of HyperLedger Fabric, the blockchain team of OneConnect has independently innovated and developed the industry-leading BaaS platform and its core framework, FiMAX, designed with security, privacy, and performance wrapped in an easy one-click deployment package. Applied in various use cases, OneConnect blockchain team has explored in 14 business scenarios of five major ecosystems: Finance, Real Estate, Automobile, Healthcare and Smart City, and has had plenty of successful applications in many scenarios.

Application Cases

Hong Kong Monetary Authority International Trade Finance Platform

The Ping An Blockchain (OneConnect) has designed, developed and deployed a blockchain-based international trade finance platform for Hong Kong Monetary Authority. On the account of world's first crypto-controlled data sharing technology and FiMAX’s high throughput under international framework standards, the platform has turned order digitalization into reality, ensuring seamless information sharing and data security, which will greatly enhance the risk control level, efficiency, transparency and security of trade finance industry.

The trade finance platform is world's first consortium chain commercial network used in large-scale production environments, and is in a leading position in terms of business scale and advanced technology applications. The project is the first overseas cooperative project of Ping An Blockchain.

Blockchain Reinsurance Platform

Powered by Ping An blockchain platform FiMAX, Blockchain Reinsurance Platform has achieved minimum policy share division, online smart matching & inquiry, and policy standardized smart delivery. It has solved the problems existing in traditional reinsurance transactions, such as opaque ceding in/out, complicated reconciliation, inefficient communication, and unguaranteed data security, etc., accelerating the digital transformation of reinsurance industry.

Supply Chain Finance Platform

The supply chain finance platform encrypts important data such as order and logistics info through FiMAX BaaS platform, and implemented various functionalities such as paperless contracts, smart contract judgment, compliance verification, and financing risk assessment. It not only solves the pain points faced by banks, core enterprises and upstream/downstream enterprises in traditional supply chain finance scene, but also maximizes the data value of a supply chain, boosting rapid development of supply chain finance industry.

SME Loan Platform

SME Loan Platform utilizes FiMAX to provide data encryption and sharing services. Through Ping An blockchain platform FiMAX, enterprise data are encrypted and uploaded to blockchain where data are immutable and traceable, ensuring data authenticity and reliability for lenders’ review. As full nodes of FiMAX, financial institutions have access to on-chain enterprise data; any third party will have to be authorized to view decrypted data, in order to meet the need of financial institutions to protect their customer resources.

Real-time Reconciliation in Multi-institution Transactions

Real-time Reconciliation for Multi-Institution Transactions is achieved by connecting all participants in financial asset transactions, updating real-time status for each transaction on chain, and monitoring anomalies that may occur in transactions through status comparison, all powered by Ping An Blockchain FiMAX. The project went into operation in the second half of 2016, and has become one of the first blockchain projects in the world to achieve large-scale operation.

FiMAX BaaS Platform

The FiMAX BaaS platform and FiMAX underlying architecture are infrastructure technology platforms that are independently developed by OneConnect and IP-protected. It provides financial institutions and SMEs with standardized and accessible blockchain servicesThe platform has industry-leading privacy control solution, high-performance underlying architecture comprehensive data securityarchitecture, GCCA encryption technology, practical architecture design, as well as a variety of configuration andnodes, which allows users to quickly construct a commercialized blockchain network through simple configuration.

Three Unexpected Technologies

FiMAX Sparrow

Crypto Controlled Data Sharing System
• The world's first Crypto Controlled Data Sharing System for blockchain encryption information
• Information can be encrypted by participants while authorize a third party to decrypt and read data
Zero-knowledge Proof library
• The world's only comprehensive privacy control solution that can provide multiple zero-knowledge Proof technologies for different scenarios
Anonymous Query
• first-of-its-kind stealth password technology to prevent information leakage caused by any operations on the chain

FiMAX Core

High Throughput
• Single chain TPS reaches or exceeds the level of a traditional database
• Single chain TPS reaches or exceeds the level of a traditional database
• After extension, branch chain can support millions of TPS native cipher algorithm acceleration in theory
Encryption Technology
• Independently-developed GCCA encryption technology
• Almost 100 times faster than all open source code in performance
• More efficient than all existing hardware and software FiMAX Concord

FiMAX Concord

Node Management
• Lowers the node management technology barrier with single button deployment and automated management
• Monitor key nodes in real time and accurately detect network or node anomalie
Network Management
• Simplifies network creation and management, participant entry mechanism, verification mechanism, CA connection and certificate management mechanism, and automates network administration

For more information, please visit FiMAX website

Big Data

OneConnect has big data talents from internet companies and traditional financial institutions. With cutting-edged technologies and experiences in financial market, the company helps customers apply  data applications and increase data value. The company has launched 10 technology-enabled products on risk management, marketing, data governance,  and smart management.

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