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Digital Retail Banking

Our digital retail banking solution allows our customers in this sector to improve their salesforce efficiency, enhance their understanding of end-customers, and deliver comprehensive digital banking capabilities. We also offer business-origination services to our customers in this sector, which assist them in growing their financial products business and generate revenue for us. Our digital retail banking customers use the modules and services described below to improve their productivity and marketing efforts.

mobile banking
apps module

Our mobile banking apps module provides our financial institution customers advanced mobile apps, through which their retail account holders can conduct their general banking activities, as well as lifestyle activity apps. This module allows banks to digitally interact with and expand their retail customer bases.

customer analytics and targeted marketing module

Our customer analytics and targeted marketing module helps banks expand their relationships with existing customers and acquire new customers using data analytics models to profile customers using over 30 multidimensional tags, including financial status, social relationships and online behavior.


Our business-origination services support our digital retail banking customers in growing their lending and other financial products businesses using high-quality customer leads that we direct to them. We leverage our analytics capabilities to source high quality leads for financial products from proprietary and partnered platforms, apps and websites.

salesforce management
module SAT

Our salesforce management module, SAT, helps relationship managers more effectively interact with their end-customers through online and offline channels, including popular Chinese social media platforms, in-branch interactions and AI-assisted telephone communications.

SME financing and services

Our SME financing and services solution provides platforms that connect our financial institution customers with SMEs, companies along the supply chain, government entities, as well as various third party service providers. The platform integrates information from different parties, through our FiMAX blockchain technology to increase information transparency, so as to allow SMEs to get better access to financial resource and help financial institutions assess SME credit-worthiness in a more accurate way. We also deliver various value-added services on the platform, such as accounting, inventory management, tax filing, import and export reporting, and IP applications, to attract usage and subsequently allowing us to gain more insights from these SMEs.The platforms of our SME financing and services solutions include:

merchant service

Our merchant service platform connects millions of retail merchants to a network of financial institutions that offer payment services, account management, and merchant and consumer installment loans. We also use the platform to direct high-quality SME leads for loan products to our customers.

SME investment and financing platform

Our SME investment and financing platform, which we jointly developed with our financial institution customers and local governments, provides SMEs with access to online lending, investment and financing services. The platform aggregates information from core enterprises, government agencies, and various third party service providers to help SMEs find the best financing solutions, and at the same time it helps financial institutions find the most suitable borrowers.

supply chain and trade finance platforms

Our supply chain and trade finance platforms provide our financial institution customers with innovative products that are enabled by our proprietary blockchain FiMAX architecture. This platform allows participants to synchronize and verify information that they separately maintain without disclosing their encrypted data, which enhances security and efficiency.

chain finance
provides services

Supply chain finance—provides services to multi-level suppliers and distributors including transaction verification, paperless contracting, financing, receivable and payable management, account management and payment facilitation services.

International trade finance—links traders

International trade finance—links traders, financial institutions and other participants in the international trade value-chain to streamline customs clearance, transaction verification, financing applications and logistics tracking.

Risk management—SME banking

Our risk management solution for SME banking leverages specialized SME data and algorithms to evaluate credit and fraud risks for SME loan products. This system includes:

enterprise credit analytics and anti-fraud module

Our enterprise credit analytics and anti-fraud module detects and blocks loan application fraud and generates credit risk assessments using our SME data and anti-fraud rule database, which includes over 200 rules that have been tailored for specific financial products and business scenarios.

post-lending monitoring module

Our post-lending monitoring module helps efficiently manage SME loans by monitoring the economic health of an SME, its owner and any applicable credit support for the loan, helping them to identify and mitigate risks at an early stage.

digital non-performing loan collection module

Our digital non-performing loan collection module leverages our automated AI virtual assistants to improve the efficiency of collection efforts by applying algorithms to automatically match non-performing loans with suitable local third-party collectors and generating collection strategies. We also provide an integrated credit management system to SME lenders that is tailored for their SME lending businesses.

Risk management—retail banking

Our end-to-end retail banking risk-management solution helps retail banks streamline their loan businesses, improve their credit analytics, reduce delinquency risk and enhance post-lending performance.This solution provides our customers with a suite of modules that can be tailored to fit their needs. This solution’s modules can also be integrated to provide our credit management system with additional functions to serve customers’ entire loan lifecycle. Modules in this solution include:

tools module

Our anti-fraud tools module detects and blocks fraud using our anti-fraud algorithms, device fingerprinting tools, and blacklist databases. It also uses fraud scorecards to assess loan applications for fraud.

credit analytics

Our credit analytics module uses our credit analytics engines to process data, assess credit risk and assist with credit decision making for retail banking customers. Our customers can use this module’s outputs as a reference for their independent credit assessment process. For some of our financial institution customers loan applicants, we source and direct insurers to our customers’ to act as guarantors for loan applicants who satisfy certain risk management and credit requirements. These leads allow our customers to grow their business while managing risk—and generate revenue for us.

monitoring module

Our post-lending monitoring module aggregates data services and analytic engines to monitor loan performance and analyzes borrowers’ credit quality by tracking risk indicators such as repayment behavior, default records and legal enforcement.

retail banking customers an integrated credit management

We also provide our retail banking customers an integrated credit management system—a full loan-life cycle risk management system to meet each customer’s unique needs. Banks can incorporate this system into their existing operating platforms to process retail loan applications.

Case study: Supporting a regional commercial bank in launching online banking services.

We successfully helped a regional commercial bank in Northwestern China launch and scale up its online banking services. Historically limited to extending loans to local farmers in off-line operations, the bank began working with us in 2017 to digitally transform itself for online business. The bank purchased a suite of six modules from us in 2017, ranging from customer analytics and targeted marketing and risk management to our post-lending monitoring services, and it purchased two more modules from us in 2018, including modules from our ALM solution. Our solutions have significantly advanced this bank’ business—from 2017 to 2018 its customer numbers increased by over three times and its loan-origination volume increased by over five times. Out of the bank’s total retail loans extended in 2018, over half were generated using our solutions. Over the same period, its operating efficiency increased dramatically and its loan-approval process became almost real time, compared to an average of three to five days before adopting our solutions. Growing with our customer’s success, our revenue from the bank grew by approximately 200% from 2017 to 2018.

Auto insurance operations and services

Our auto insurance operations and services solution helps insurers reduce losses, fight fraudulent claims and improve service quality. This solution applies AI and advanced analytics to automate the entire claim-processing procedure: claim submission, instant inspections and settlement, appraisal and roadside assistance, and auto parts sourcing. Modules and services in this solution include:

anti-fraud and intelligent
fast claim module

Our anti-fraud and intelligent fast claim module provides insurers a streamlined claim processing procedure that enables them to more accurately and efficiently inspect and adjust complex claims, identify potential fraud and determine damage amounts. We also provide modular services and products for assessment of auto and injury losses, as well as risk management tools and anti-fraud analytics, which provide insurers flexibility in adopting and integrating our solutions.

intelligent image recognition

Our intelligent image recognition module uses image recognition technology to make auto damage claim adjustments faster and more efficient. Users upload photos of damaged vehicles, the module automatically identifies the type and degree of loss and automatically prices the claim by analyzing it against an associated database. This module allows settlement of simple auto damage claims in seconds without an appraisal.

adjuster and roadside assistance
management module

Our adjuster and roadside assistance management module provides work tools for managing thirdparty service providers, including monitoring the status of assistance process and applying image recognition technology to automatically verify license plate numbers and check work quality.We also provide auto parts sourcing services that use a transparent, centralized auto parts marketplace to reduce costs and fraud.

Case study: Combating fraud losses for auto insurance claims with a national insurer

Our customer is a national insurer. It faced false or inflated claims, which drove up the cost of its losses in auto insurance. Following their adoption of our anti-fraud and intelligent fast claim modules in the second half of 2018, in the nine months ended September 30, 2019 this insurer reduced the cost of its losses by approximately RMB44 million while processing more than 212,000 claims. Its claim payment ratio decreased from 53.0% in 2017 to 50.3% in 2018, and its loss reduction ratio, calculated by dividing reduced loss assessment by final loss assessment, increased from 4.53% to 7.25% during the same period. In addition, its parts and repair labor costs decreased by 12.3% and 13.8%, respectively, compared with that before adopting our services.

Asset Management

Our asset management solution supports banks, asset management firms and insurers in structuring, delivering, marketing and managing investment products. More than just facilitating the investment process, this solution empowers our customers’ everyday informed decisions by providing a real-time view of their risk exposures and handles the extensive data processing needed to support their asset management businesses.

financial products
trading platform

Our financial products trading platform allows financial institutions to distribute financial assets to a broader audience at relatively lower cost and acts as a portal to connect customers with solutions for anti-money laundering, portfolio management, trading and asset-backed security, or ABS, solutions.

investment portfolio management system module

Our investment portfolio management system module supports macroscopic research, mesoscopic industry research and individual securities and assets research. It provides investors with multiple approaches to construct an investment portfolio, including intelligent solutions to facilitate trading in domestic bonds, stocks, mutual funds, ETF and other assets.

trading and valuation

Our trading and valuation module provides trading systems for our customers to execute various types of financial asset trading, including market-making, buy-side and sell-side trading, and event- driven high frequency trading, and it assists them in managing investment transactions, liquidity, fund movements, data analysis, asset valuation and management reporting.

smart contract

Our smart contract module is an automated contract management application that supports financial institutions in contract preparation and negotiation, execution, and performance. They can use this module’s natural language processing AI technology to leverage data from contract data bases and quickly generate customized contracts based on industry-recognized templates and execute contracts using electronic verifications. Enabled by our FiMAX architecture, this module also monitors contract performance using customer-specific rules to spot default risks early.


Our asset management solution also includes an ABS ecosystem, which provides end-to-end services to ABS originators, plan managers and other ABS ecosystem participants. This blockchain-driven ecosystem assists ABS market participants establish underlying asset pools, design ABS products, market and distribute ABS products, and manage ABSs over their complete lifecycle.

Case Study: Increasing operational efficiency and reducing offline costs

One of China’s most influential companies in the securities and asset management field adopted our ABS system in 2018. By leveraging this system, it has issued 84 securitizations over nine asset categories totaling RMB95.9 billion as of September 30, 2019. Their adoption of our ABS ecosystem allowed them to reduce their ABS product design time by 50% and reduce their data entry requirements by 80%. Leveraging the system’s optical character recognition, social media-monitoring, and AI reading comprehension, they reduced their document production times by 60%. Our system increased our customer’s operational efficiency by reducing personnel costs and human error rates. In addition, the system has enabled the customer to provide real-time alerts to sales personnel and vendors, reducing offline communication costs and information lag issues.

Asset-liability management

Our asset-liability management, or ALM, solution uses data analytics to enhance financial institutions’ asset liquidity performance for financial institutions operating in the PRC regulatory environment. In July 2018, we acquired Vantage Point Technology, a Beijing-based company that developed the modules in this solution. As of September 30, 2019, our ALM solution was used by 72% of all state-owned, joint stock and large commercial banks in China with over RMB500 billion of total assets. This solution is very easily adopted by a wide range of financial institutions and often works as a hook product for us to start working with these customers and later upward migrate and upsell them to our other solutions. Customers can use this solution’s modules, described below, to enhance their risk management abilities.

ALM module provides

Our ALM module provides forecasting tools and analytical functions to measure and model customers’ loans, deposits, investments, and portfolios. It applies the relevant regulatory requirements to help banks monitor their interest rate and liquidity risks.

funds transfer pricing module

Our funds transfer pricing module uses analytic software to analyze a bank’s profitability by funding source at an institutional level. It improves pricing decisions and drives desired employee behaviors by linking employee performance with profitability.

cost allocation module

Our cost allocation module enables customers to map incurred costs by cost centers and by cost types; it also supports them in distributing and allocating costs to the applicable cost drivers and cost centers.

economic capital module

Our economic capital module enables our customers to measure risk-weighted capital, economic capital and capital cost at the account level. It also enables them to more effectively balance risk against costs and benefits. In allocating economic capital, the module prioritizes high risk-adjusted return on capital, high-economic value added, and low risk configurations when allocating economic capital.

AI customer service

Our AI customer service solution uses our award-winning AI technology to assist financial institutions in improving the quality and convenience of their customer service functions, while at the same time leveraging this technology to improve efficiency and reduce headcount requirements. Our AI technology provides applications that allow our financial institution customers to replace their paper- and peopleintensive processes and legacy infrastructure. Financial institutions across all verticals can use the solution’s modules in their customer service functions.

AI phone and messaging module

Our AI phone and messaging module uses AI technology to support financial institutions in marketing and other functions through popular Chinese social media platforms and AI-assisted telephone communications.

virtual assistants module

Our virtual assistants module provides online and telephone customer services, including supporting chatbots to handle customer interactions that were previously handled by call center workers.

quality assurance module

Out quality assurance module uses AI technology applications to support financial institutions in post-sales follow-ups, through which they verify information and obtain end-customer feedback.

Core System

Our core systems solution provides financial institutions with integrated applications to support their operations. For banking-sector customers, this solution is supplemental to and can run in parallel with their legacy core banking systems to help them achieve low-cost digital transformation. This solution seamlessly integrates our other solutions for banks, enabling them to quickly expand their online businesses, such as digital banking, retail lending, SME lending, supply-chain finance and international trade finance. Leveraging our open core banking system and our microservices infrastructure, our core systems’ modular design allows customers to quickly and easily deploy our solutions to cost-effectively address their needs.

Gamma O

In June 2019, we launched Gamma O, our open API platform-as-a-service, or PaaS, which is designed as a one-stop shop for reusable financial technology components and integrations. The platform’s components and integrations are provided by us and other third-party financial technology service providers that we qualify for platform participation. For financial institutions, Gamma O provides plug-and-play technologies to achieve automated, digital online operations without the need to build additional internet infrastructure. For other financial technology services providers, we offer a platform with infrastructure, technology support and customer resources, which allows them to undertake more complex and large-scale projects. We also have a financial technology product incubator, through which we offer a sales-and-marketing platform, customer resources, technical coaching, and funding support.

Gamma O offers a visualized management dashboard for smart management and reporting. It supports better decision-making by helping customers gather, search, analyze, track, and report on isolated, unstructured data points in a customized, visualized dashboard using an interactive user-friendly interface. Empowered by our natural language processing technology, Gamma O supports a range of operation and helps improve decision-making in various aspects of business operations, including risk management, sales and marketing, and human resource management.

Insurance sales management

Our insurance sales management solution provides a one-stop management tool for the recruitment and training of insurance agents. It is supported by agent profiling and AI training technologies, as well as intelligent marketing tools. We also provide technology services, which help insurers launch online insurance products and sell them on third-party online channels. We believe that by adopting this solution, our insurance company customers can increase the productivity and retention rate of agents, and improve the effectiveness of sales and marketing, thus driving down management cost and improving efficiency.

Blockchain network-as-a-service

Built on our advanced cryptology and blockchain technologies, we have developed our blockchain network-as-a-service, or BNaaS, platform. Unlike more conventional systems, our cloud-based platform supports an offsite deployment model that enables our customers to quickly create their own blockchainbased networks or participate in networks created by others. Customers are able to use our BNaaS technology to develop applications for specific scenarios.