Digital Banking Solutions

F2C: The Largest O2O Retail-Banking Cloud Platform, Empower Retail Banks to transform

F2C module focuses on creating“the Largest O2O Retail-Banking Cloud Platform”. The platform provides banks with four major categories of mobile banking, intelligent marketing, asset-side and liability-side solutions, which specifically solves the pain points of retail banking and helps transformation of retail banks.

Mobile Banking Solutions

The solutions can assist banks building customized financial apps and provides full-process services from systems and products to operations, helping small and medium-sized banks to enrich their products, enhance customer acquisition, enhance customer loyalty, and increase customer activity and transactions in order to rapidly increase retail business capabilities and revenue.

Digital Marketing Solutions

Gaining customer insights through big data analysis, offering precise marketing by touching customers online and offline, connecting the retail customers through omni-channel (inside or outside branches), in order to activate existing customers, acquire new customers and develop channels.

Liability-side Solutions

The solutions can provide banks with a comprehensive solution including deposit product optimization, product marketing, product communication and relating incentives, in order to increase the scale of retail deposits.

Digital Loan Solutions:Highly Advanced AI+ Risk Management Platform(KYR) for Fl’s Retail Lending Business

Gamma Digital Loan Solutions provides a portfolio of digital finance products designed by OneConnect to address credit and lending business of small and medium-sized financial institutions. The Solutions cover the entire credit process including channel management, application, anti-fraud and approval granting. It also integrates dozens of cutting-edge technologies, such as big data and AI. With the trillion-amount loan business inspection, the solution provides various mainstream credit and lending services including small amount of cash loan, loan for white-collar workers, consumer installment, automobile finance, credit card installment, loan for small and micro enterprises' owners which are highly flexible and can be quickly deployed.

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Robo-advisor uses machine learning method to build a unique risk preference recognition model based on an existing millions of client data. It combines big data technology with questionnaire, which improves the accuracy of its risk preference recognition ability. It can also adjust the scores regularly if the user data changes. This product provides customized investment planning services to clients through big data analysis combined with professional investment model. It simplifies investment procedures and helps banks improve customer loyalty and user activeness.

F2B: The Most Advanced SME Financing Service Platform(KYB)

F2B module focuses on providing credit and loan-related financial services to SMEs. This platform runs comprehensive analysis on various kinds of data to locate customers and diversion; it helps small and medium-sized banks improve their services and reduce risk management and operation costs by using smart quantified risk management tools and procedures that cover the entire SME credit and loan life cycle.

The platform provides small and medium-sized banks with a wide range of customer acquisition scenarios and volume, pre-loan comprehensive customer data report, smart quantified evaluation on pre-loan and after-loan stages and monitoring and alerting services. Seventy percent of all procedures can be completed online. Compared to the traditional approach, the time required has been reduced by 90%. The platform also offers integrated financial services for SMEs, including credit and loan products application, company credit management and enhancement, procurement, sales and stock management and payment, industry news collection and investment and asset management.

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