Digital Insurance Solutions

Smart Prompt Settlement

Smart Prompt Settlement uses image damage assessment, automatic pricing and smart risk management technology to complete the inspection and damage assessment of vehicles efficiently. This technology can shorten the time of claim settlement on auto insurance from the industry average level of 2 to 3 days to 2 hours, and significantly reduce management risk caused by manual operation. It is the only AI loss assessment and risk management product truly applied in the domestic auto insurance market. Once the product is promoted throughout the industry, it is expected that problems such as disputes resulting from low efficiency, high claim leakage risk will be addressed and that over RMB 20 billion will be saved from claim leakage in the auto insurance sector and settlement operation efficiency improving over 40%.

open platform
  • Industry pain points easily resolved

  • 200亿+

    Over RMB 20 billion saved from claim leakage

  • 40%+

    Over 40% efficiency rate increase for cases under RMB 10,000

— Highly Accurate Automatic Pricing —

OEM Data

Country-wide Data Collection

Automatic Writeback Of Production Data

Four Technology Highlights

High Image Recognition Rate

The system recognizes all passenger vehicle models and outer parts, and has 23 damage levels. Its smart recognition accuracy is as high as over 90%.

Loss set in seconds

Price for repairing can be determined in seconds after single button to upload the photos.

Automatic Pricing With Accuracy

The system has a price system covering the entire country and permeating to counties and cities for auto parts and hourly rates of human labor, therefore can achieve the accurate prices for damages.

Smart Risk Prevention

The system carries a risk factor database covering stages from insurance purchase to claim settlement and has developed over 30,000 digital claim settlement risk prevention rules to effectively lower the costs.