Digital Investment Solutions

F2F: Leading Investment Service Management Platform

F2F module offers one-stop financial asset open investment services to small and medium banks as well as other financial institutions through the industry-leading OneConnect platform, enabling the secure and efficient transfer of assets and cash between financial institutions. At the same time, the platform also offers intelligent asset-liability and debt management services, addressing the asset and liability balance problem for the banks and improving liquidity of assets.

OneConnect is the first domestic interbank service platform that carries liquidation function and uses blockchain technology. It provides big data customer profiling, smart ABS cloud (ABS ecosystem), smart investment (end-to-end COSMOS platform), smart risk management (IFRS9 series), smart compliance (smart contract/anti-money laundering) and other cutting-edge Fintech services. Currently, the platform has a total of eight product series including fund, asset management, bank asset management and others, and has created the “mall + store” open service business mode, which allows banks and financial institutions to open and operate stores on their own to satisfy the multi-level service demands from customers.

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