F2C Loan

Gamma Digital Loan Solutions are a portfolio of digital finance products designed by OneConnect to address credit and lending business of small and medium-sized financial institutions. The Solutions cover the entire credit process, including channel management, application, anti-fraud and approval granting, and integrates tens of cutting-edge technology, such as big data and AI. It has been tested in facilitating lending worth of trillions. The Solution provides various mainstream credit and lending services, including small amount of cash loan, loan for white-collar workers, pay by installment, auto financing, credit card installment, loan for small and micro enterprises' owners, which are highly flexible and can be quickly deployed.

Seven core modules of Gamma Digital Loan Solutions

Smart Channel Management System

Smart Application Platform

Anti-fraud Platform

Smart Micro-expression face-to-face Interview Supporting System

Customized Scorecard

Smart Risk Management Engine

Smart All-in-one Lending Machine

Gamma smart micro-expression face review supporting system

Micro-expression recognition technology is applied in the face review stage. By remotely capturing changes of a customer’s micro-expression through video, the system can detect the risk of fraud and issue alert smartly. Fraud detected by micro-expression recognition technology can achieve an 80% match with results from manual detection. It makes face review stage rely less on human. Meanwhile, by working together with smart Q&A engine built based on knowledge graph and using big data crosscheck for potential risks, the system largely improves face review efficiency.

※ The anti-fraud model uses industry-leading micro-expression recognition technology and has been tested by massive amount of lending business case videos. It can avoid discrepancies between man-made judgments, improve the consistency of lending policy applications, fully reduce human labor cost and lower bad debt rate.

Gamma Smart All-in-one Lending Machine

A new retail lending business model covering the entire credit and lending process can be designed with the All-in-one lending machine to facilitate offline finance and make application and loan granting easier and faster. The machine uses micro-expression recognition, biometrics authentication, smart video, audio recording, electronic signature, blockchain and other various innovative technologies as well as introduces a robot called “Mr.An” to provide users interactive experience. Through this machine, multiple offline customer acquisition channels can be combined to improve the efficiency of customer acquisition of credit and lending institutions, lower the channel costs and meet the business development requirements.

※ Improving risk management ability, user experience and customer acquisition ability, reducing channel costs, and adapting to business development demands