SaaS Cloud Platform

SAT model is a unique financial product sales management system designed by OneConnect by means of Fintech.

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Social Media

Building the social media communication and sales channels between employees and customers

Client Application

combination of online and offline channels

Remote Service Representative

Support from remote telephone service team

Smart Authentication - KYV

Smart Authentication applies Facial Recognition, Voice Recognition and other recognition technologies to create a biological profile for customers, which will be used for quick authentication on customer identification, behavior or other attributes. It can be applied on all scenarios that require real-person authentication.

This technology greatly simplifies the complicated procedures under the current financial industry model on customer identification, and allows the real-person authentication which combines facial, voice, fingerprints recognition and personal ID online authentication as one package.

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Facial Recognition

·Applied to the Shenzhen Airport and Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway

·LFW 99.8%, ranked top one in the world

Personal ID online verification

·OCR information recognition

·Ministry of Public Security online verification

Voiceprint Recognition

·Accuracy rate 99.6%

·3s recognition, 10s registration

Fingerprint Recognition

Personal Credit Risk Management System – KYR

360-degree index weight system - personal risk DNA, by assessing the repayment capacity, credit level and fraud risk to evaluate personal risk. By adding in business modules including social network, LBS track, health risk as well as assisted by blockchain passport, Haoxin Armor, micro-expression facial signature and so forth to accurately detect all types of fraud.

KYR system allows for risk information sharing and provides multiple applications, such as alert on excessive amount of loans made by borrowers with multiple institutions, false address alert, judgment of affiliated person or low credit individual, micro-expression face-to-face interview fraud recognition functions etc.

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  • Repayment Capability
  • Personal Risk DNA
  • Credit Level
  • Fraud Risk