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Intelligent Risk Management

Digital Bank | Digital Credit
Solution Overview

Online intelligent approval, intelligent control, intelligent warning, intelligent collection, intelligent monitoring and intelligent analysis are made based on big data, models and strategies.

Business Challenges

  • Single risk control tools and standards

    Single risk control tools and standards and homogenised strategies

  • Manual approvals rely on experience

    Poor customer experience due to manual approvals that mainly rely on experience

  • Scattered internal risk control data

    Internal risk control data is scattered, making value mining difficult

  • High cost and low efficiency

    Off-line assessment of collateral is difficult to settle data. Risks will be out of control with too much dependence on external institutions

Product Solutions

25 digitally empowered functions help to build a full lifecycle and full chain of digital risk control.

Product Strengths

  • Scenario-based risk control

    The scenario-based risk control system consists of 8 categories and 30 + scenario models.

  • Refinement of Risk Control

    A four-step method of diagnosis, positioning, optimisation and monitoring refines risk control and increases the approval rate by 15%.

  • Intelligent Risk Control

    Fully automated online risk monitoring and close-loop management of monitoring targets based on 5000+ data labels, achieving 90% early warning accuracy rate.

Customer Cases

  • Assisting a national joint-stock bank to establish a digital risk early warning system

    OneConnect integrates 80 + label systems inside and outside the industry, and monitors the situation of enterprises in real time all day long with big data.

    OneConnect integrates 80+ label systems inside and outside the industry, and monitors the situation of enterprises in real time all day long with big data.

    FNN machine learning model with 2300 model variables and 180+ significant variables creates 600+ early warning rules to make an all-round risk early warning system.

    Combined with post-loan early warning, inspection and collection, the red flag of large post-loan closed-loop management is pushed in real time. The system is also supported by various AI tools to conduct mobile end due diligence check, automatic post-loan report generation, and automatic grouping collection.

  • Assisting a rural commercial bank to establish a digital pre-loan risk control system

    OneConnect has greatly improved the level and intelligence of bank risk control decisions by building an online big data risk control system for personal consumption loan products.

    OneConnect integrated 200+ risk control labels inside and outside the industry, and created 80+ rule to form a full life cycle credit management from anti-fraud, credit strategy, risk control model, quota pricing and post-loan monitoring.

    Since its launch, the approval pass rate exceeds 40%, and the non-performing rate is no more than 1%

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