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Smart Operation Analysis

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Solution Overview

Driven by data, OneConnect scientifically helps business decision-making and improve the efficiency of index tracking management. Making core indicators such as the company's operating performance measured, operated, traced and simulated in a standardized, systematic and visual way, and creating a decision-making center and intelligent brain for companies.

Business Challenges

  • Dispersed data source

    Indicators of shareholder and channel/branch assessment are scattered in business departments such as finance, actuary and asset management, which are inconsistent.

  • Divided indicator management

    The key assessment indicators rely on manual calculation. The repeated adjustment makes it inefficient and difficult to control the feedback timeliness.

  • Late assessment tracking

    Branches need to make a large number of reports and manual calculations to know the assessment target gap.

  • Low-efficient data acquisition and transmission

    The link period from acquisition, calculation to application of indicators is long, and the assessment is complex, leading to the low efficiency of tracking.

Product Solutions

Home page: The home page of business analysis displays key indicators of the company headquarters, indicators early warning, quick entry of functions, industry dynamics and regulatory dynamics.

Business analysis: through the company's business reports, operation overview, key indicator achievement analysis of each channel, deviation analysis, trend analysis, YOY analysis, annual and quarterly comprehensive score of channels, early warning analysis of target deviation, and application of comments and labels.

Product analysis: including the overview of product analysis and the YOY product VNB (pre), underwriting APE, number of insured pieces, average premium per piece of individual insurance, broker, bancassurance, group insurance, digital marketing channel, and display of product structure, product theme, institutional sales and new product sales tracking.

Channel analysis: mainly including quality control analysis of activity manpower performance, 10,000 yuan manpower performance and product classification performance.

Business report: completing the configurable development and data set construction of three functions: external perspective, company operation and special analysis of monthly business analysis meeting report, and supporting the convening of monthly business analysis meeting.

Performance tracking: through performance rule allocation, realizing performance appraisal and tracking in head office, channel division, branches and sub-branches.

Management cockpit: helping leaders on tracking indicators of company finance, performance, asset-related financial management, performance management, asset management analysis and shareholder assessment.

Customer Cases

  • Assisting a life insurance company in digital transformation

    Through data-driven management, focusing on smart operation analysis projects, OneConnect builds the decision-making center for the company, improves the efficiency of indicator tracking management, and serves the whole company.

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