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Gamma Voice

It is highlighted in smart customer service, smart collection, and smart marketing, empowering the intelligent upgrade of remote banking.

Gamma Voice

Gamma voice has dived deep into the financial industry for many years, brings together Ping An Group's 30 years of experience in financial business and intelligent upgrade of call centers, and builds products into an innovative business. It is highlighted in smart customer service, smart collection, and smart marketing, empowering the intelligent upgrade of remote banking.

Solution Strengths

  • Dual empowering of "product + business"

    Taking the lead in integrating business experience, OneConnect provides "product + business" overall solutions. It launched business planning consulting services, AI operation consulting services to help enterprises land AI scenarios.

  • AI overall closed-loop optimization capability

    With the overall closed-loop optimization capability of AI: training → configuration → testing → launching → monitoring → optimization, OneConnect helps customers establish a complete AI operation system to continuously optimize AI products.

  • Massive templates out of the box

    Scenario robots with their own content produce out-of-the-box processes, templates, dialogue samples, and corpus for different industries, effectively helping customers land AI scenes.

  • Achieving business goals with rich industry experience

    With 30 years of business experience in the financial field and a large number of successful customer cases, OneConnect has generated AI templates, AI operation optimization methodologies, and AI training services tailored for the financial industry, solving various difficulties in implementation to step towards the final business goal.

  • Smart Customer Service

    Smart customer service provides "product + business" solutions, including smart voice navigation, text robots, smart Wiki, agent assistant, and smart quality inspection. In business, it provides existing templates and AI operation services such as business consultation, and business operation, improving both products and operation to help enterprises achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase.

  • Smart Collection

    Through smart collection system and operation consulting service, OneConnect builds a new man-machine coordination mode with specialized robots and rich business experience. Robots are trained with collection full-scene dialogue samples, strategy templates, etc. that have been verified by practices, which is friendly to users. Moreover, it provides comprehensive empowering services such as AI operation effect consulting and diagnosis, standard operation consulting of collection scenes, and effective operation services, which greatly improves the return rate of AI collection, and reduces labor costs and customer complaint rates.

  • Smart Marketing

    Smart marketing solutions focus on the three major marketing processes of customer acquisition, stock management and loss recovery, and provide methods verified by market according to the different demands of enterprises. With thousands of financial marketing scenarios and hundreds of marketing strategies, AI empowers enterprises to improve marketing conversion rate while effectively reducing the labor cost of telesales teams.

  • Robot Platform

    The robot platform is positioned as a product platform that provides general AI dialogue robots and AI assistance solutions. It uses advanced technologies such as AI voice, NLP, and knowledge engineering to meet the needs of financial institutions and government departments. It can also help enterprises and institutions to build smart customer communication scenarios including customer service, marketing, and collection, so as to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction.

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