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Digital Bank | Digital Credit
Solution Overview

OneConnect smart loan service platform offers one-stop financial solutions for the implementation of the retail inclusive financial strategy, helping financial institutions to quickly launch various credit scenarios and improve the efficiency of business promotion. The platform integrates OneConnect’s rich experience in building the financial institution system, and various credit scenario solutions. It covers the whole process before, during and after the loan. In the platform, public, private, and small and micro inclusive customers can achieve the whole-process online development quickly. Its convenient application process, fast approval timeliness, and flexible repayment improve the market competitiveness of financial institutions in an all-round way.

Business Challenges

  • Difficult marketing

    Weak customer access, low conversion rate, high compliance risk.

  • Slow innovation

    Long iteration cycle, vague positioning and invariant products.

  • Weak risk control

    Stagnant strategy, poor approval experience, and difficult data mining.

  • Deficient ecology

    Low docking efficiency, poor effectiveness, and lack of targeted models and products.

Product Solutions

Full-scenario credit solutions for financial institutions

Product Strengths

  • High adaption capacity

    Modular mid-platform with 100 + components flexibly configured to adapt to frequent changes and expansions of business rules.

  • Flexible combination

    Support flexible combination with built-in templates for diverse mainstream scenes, and configurable adjustment/design.

  • Quick response

    The average implementation cycle of standard products is about 4 to 8 weeks.

  • High efficiency

    One-click import and export of various scenarios, and 40% of implementation efficiency increase in low-code mode.

  • Hot swap

    Iterative upgrade of a single module, using queue mechanism which does not affect the flow of other modules.

  • Diverse accumulation

    The platform has built-in 5000 + label variables and 10 + scene models, which can improve the approval efficiency by about 15%.

  • Ecology extension

    Refined channel management, and built-in multi-scenario, multi-category development which is ready to use.

  • Easy expansion

    The distributed structure design, with the development of business, can support the horizontal expansion of the system.

Customer Cases

  • Assisting a rural commercial bank in Northeast China to achieve business digital transformation

    OneConnect helps a rural commercial bank in Northeast China achieve business digital transformation, and build the its brand as the advanced online banking service provider in local market. The scale of cooperative lending increased by about 3 times in the first year.

    Lending timeliness increase: an average of 1 to 3 days of lending, and the fastest lending in 1H39M;;

    Capacity improvement: Human efficiency has increased from less than 5 orders/person-month to about 20~ 30 orders/person-month;

    Scale improvement: The amount of mortgage lending increased from 1 billion+ to 4 billion+ within one year;

    Risk reduction: The default rate is reduced, with only 3 non-performing transactions per year.

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