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Robot Platform

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Solution Overview

The robot platform is positioned as a product platform that provides general AI dialogue robots and AI assistance solutions. It uses advanced technologies such as AI voice, NLP, and knowledge engineering to meet the needs of financial institutions and government departments. It can also help enterprises and institutions to build smart customer communication scenarios including customer service, marketing, and collection, so as to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction

Business Challenges

  • Low speed in the launch of scenes

    System construction consumes too much time and AI is trained in low efficiency.

  • High landing cost

    Incompatible product demands repeated development of product adaptation engines.

  • Poor running effect

    The bottlenecks in AI capabilities make it difficult to meet expectations.

  • Difficulty in operation management

    Lack of operation management tools hinders the process of configuration, testing, monitoring and optimization.

Product Solutions

The robot platform consists of 6 standard products, 6 robot middle stations and a core engine to empower enterprises with AI technologies.

Standard products are easy to operate with comprehensive functions. 

The robot center has established a closed loop for AI operation.

Its underlying engine has won world-class awards. Moreover, the platform can flexibly adapt to various underlying engines, without destroying the technical components purchased by the enterprises, which can reduce resource waste.

Product Strengths

  • Assembly of modules

    The robot platform is trained with business experience to act as a system, a model, and a tool, which is strong in decoupling and supports flexible combinations to meet diverse needs.

  • Low code development, and low cost operation

    Fast development and high efficiency effectively reduce costs in maintenance and development, and deployment time.

  • Closed loop of AI operation

    The platform has the closed-loop optimization ability of AI in the whole process: training → configuration → testing → launching → monitoring → optimization, and continuously improves the use effect of robots.

Customer Cases

  • Empowering the smart voice service system of a city commercial bank

    Cost reduction and efficiency increase: The labor is replaced by robots to optimize layout, and the labor cost is reduced by 70%; the smart resolution rate of general business diversion is 91%, and the customer service agent is freed from repetitive and simple work and becomes a complex business expert. 

    Deepened AI operation: Through AI scene operation, a mid-platform is built to achieve unified management and dispatching and tuning, establish a process management and control mechanism adapted to AI scenes, and a team with different division of labor skills, realizing lifecycle operation of AI robots. 

    High operational efficiency: The platform helps banks build remote banking which surpasses the traditional model, transforming the business focus from cost to value, and integrating both service and sales in operation.

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