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Digital Life Insurance

Digital life insurance solution with all types of insurance, multiple scenarios, new technologies and deep integration

Digital life insurance solution

Digital life insurance solution with all types of insurance, multiple scenarios, new technologies and deep integration.

Solution Strengths

  • Products of Ping An’s best practices

    Spurred by Ping An Group's accumulated digital transformation business and technical experience in the insurance industry, a set of product portfolio of Ping An's best practices has been available for domestic insurers.

  • Leading technical skills

    OneConnect has many core technical skills such as AI, blockchain, big data and cloud computing, and the amount of its patent application ranks third in the world in 2020.

  • Ecosystem

    Digital life insurance solution covers multi-business scenarios such as risk control, operation, working, customer service, training and supervision, and can provide one-stop methods for insurers.

  • Safe and reliable

    OneConnect has provided services for 100 + insurance institutions in China, and has an expert group in consulting, planning, delivery, operation and research and development with rich experience in the insurance industry.

  • Automatic claims assessment of commercial insurance

    Automatic identification and assessment solution for electronic medical bills to be conveniently embedded in insurance claims process.

  • Smart dual recording

    On the premise of meeting the regulatory requirements and company management requirements under different business scenarios, combined with a number of AI technologies, agents, policyholders and the insured can conveniently and efficiently complete the record and retrospective management of insurance sales behavior.

  • Smart authentication

    With the world-class AI technologies such as detecting faces, living bodies and voiceprint, and OCR recognition, real-time verification is carried out through the networking of public security identity systems in the form of API or SDK, so as to quickly and accurately authenticate people and verify their identities.

  • Smart operation analysis

    Driven by data, OneConnect scientifically helps business decision-making and improve the efficiency of index tracking management. Making core indicators such as the company's operating performance measured, operated, traced and simulated in a standardized, systematic and visual way, and creating a decision-making center and intelligent brain for companies.

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