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Smart Banker

Digital Banking | Digital Retail Banking
Solution Overview

Leveraging big data and digital tools to empower the sales team, the AI Banker, covering retail business scenarios from bottom up, innovates the management models, and improves the overall sales management modes of banks. The ability in detailed management of retail teams could also be fully enhanced.

Business Challenges

  • Diverse demands in banking market

    Large customer service volume and diverse products in retail banking pose a big pressure on bank service personnel.

  • Lower matching degree of customer group management

    There is no business philosophy based on customer groups, and no refined customer group marketing strategy.

  • No effective tools in internal sales management

    Marketing opportunities are complicated, and system empowerment and data analysis ability for business opportunity generation, distribution, follow-up and effect diagnosis in the internal management of banks are insufficient.

  • Demand for systematic middle and back platform management

    The implementation of quality management needs detailed measures such as records reserve and conversion funnels.

Product Solutions

Focusing on six major application scenarios, improving customer experience with acute insight of their demands and timely responses, and driving team productivity improvement with digital sales management system.

· Customer: With the insight strategy of big data, through the mobile Internet technology empowering the stock management, marketing and customer acquisition, and the scenarios of mobile integrated terminal, our product helps to realize the whole-process operation both online and offline.

· Team: Empowered by AI technology, our product can promote the innovation of sales management model through management system of digital, standardized and intelligent targets, processes and teams.

Product Strengths

  • Full scenario coverage of data + service

    Propped up by data and micro-services, combined with the AI middle platform, retail business scenarios are fully covered.

  • Scenario model empowerment and management

    The capability model is built around different types of works, and the closed-loop operation is supported by the whole-process business scenarios.

  • Boosting the operation in the front and middle platforms with big data

    Boosting the operation in the front and middle platforms with big data.

Customer Cases

  • Accelerating the digital upgrade of retail sales and management of one listed bank in eastern China.

    Our product covers 12 scenarios such as target management, process management, team management, customer management and social marketing, enabling 3,800 account managers of the bank to achieve overall improvement.

    Coverage of 12 major scenarios.

    Improve the sales capacity of over 6,800 account managers.

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