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Smart Marketing Center

Digital Banking | Digital Retail Banking
Solution Overview

The precision marketing platform based on multi-source data helps banks to set up the closed-loop process from data access to marketing task generation, strategy sequencing, channel execution, result feedback and multi-terminal intelligent analysis, and improve their marketing conversion rate and management efficiency.

The analysis center is a low-code middle platform with end-to-end configuration capability, including various mobile and PC business components, as well as core capabilities such as unified index management and release management, supporting the configuration of data analysis pages of various scenarios, and realizing efficient operation and analysis of business scenarios.

Business Challenges

  • Lower efficiency and incomplete perspective in data analysis

    The traditional banking industry has few demand transmission and data acquisition methods, and limited data analysis perspective and poor data processing timeliness. Besides, banks need to solve the problems of single data analysis dimension, slow demand response, inconsistent data standards, and high costs on development, operation, maintenance and communication.

  • Inconsistent data demands in the banking management

    Retail banking business is developing rapidly, and the market demands and business activities are flexible, which bring about changeable data demands. The pain points of inconsistent caliber, poor timeliness, long development cycle and poor reusability of data need to be solved.

  • Differentiated customer groups and poor product coverage accuracy

    The whole-process marketing is empowered by precision marketing on differentiated customer groups, and the combination of multi-channel marketing processes and multi-channel products.

  • Inconsistent data demands in the banking management

    Marketing automation triggered by user behaviors has strong real-time performance, which automatically defines key nodes in the user life-cycle and realizes the real-time and precision marketing.

Product Solutions

Precision marketing platform of closed-loop management model has three core competencies: target customer group screening, business opportunity ranking, and intelligent implementation.

• Target customer group screening: Customer group selection can be carried out based on tags, events or use cases, and flexibly optimized according to business development;

• Business opportunity ranking: Dynamically calculating the value of business opportunities based on customer data. After merging and sorting business opportunities, the platform will allocate the best channel for high-value business opportunities;

Intelligent implementation: Supporting precision marketing of differentiated customer groups, combining and arrangeing multi-channel marketing processes to realize multi-layer and full-process marketing task tracking.

By abstracting component design, innovating the process of low-code page configuration and supporting flexible data access, the analysis center addresses the pain points in the banking industry one by one.

Abstract component design: Pages of data statistics have the characteristics of logical abstraction and data aggregation. The analysis center designs page outlook by dragging components and parameter configuration. It also provides five categories with more than 70 component types, covering a variety of common page designs such as chart components, business components, text components and business controls;

• Innovative development process: Through standardized process, unified components are employed to generate each page with consistent data display;

• Flexible data access: The tables of mart data can be flexibly accessed to the analysis center system through the data management module for page configuration.

Product Strengths

  • More business-oriented than common BI tools

    BI competitors in the market are mostly positioned as tools serving data experts. Tools can support the general industry, but the position lacks vertical understanding of financial field, and data insight strongly depends on users' personal business experience.

  • Advanced concept on business analysis

    Different from traditional science and technology systems, the analysis center focuses on the construction of content, such as industry template library and business components, and has accumulated practical experience for many years.

  • Faster implementation with multi-scenario templates

    Accumulating practical experience and multi-scenario business templates to accelerate business operation and customer value transformation.

  • Reducing investment with low-code configuration

    Reducing investment with low-code configuration.

Customer Cases

  • Accelerating a key urban commercial bank to build an analysis center

    Analysis center project has configured and launched more than 400 pages, which is available on mobile phones, tablets and PCs, greatly reducing the page development costs.

    The project uniformly manages the data components and data layers to ensure the consistency and accuracy of data, improving the work efficiency of the sci-tech department, and the performance of the business department.

  • Assisting the retail digital transformation of an eastern bank

    By designing the retail engine and action center modules for the bank, it is empowered to make a whole process solution of building opportunity distribution scenario, including intelligent task sequencing, optimal distribution and execution, and comparison post evaluation.

    Covering 600 financial managers and 200 online financial managers after the system goes online

    Registering 250 billion AUM, and covering 1 million customers with a rate of 70% after it was first launched

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