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Digital Auto Insurance

3-1-1 Boosting digital transformation in insurers

Digital auto insurance solution

The digital auto insurance solution of OneConnect consists of three service platforms (claims service platform, repair service platform and owner service platform), one core system (claim settlement core system) and one infrastructure (open platform and cloud service). Covering auto insurance operation, repair, service, risk control and other scenarios of insurance companies, it helps them realize digital transformation through system and service.

Solution Strengths

  • Advanced technologies

    Massive risk control data: Over 38 million underlying data, and more than 1,000 risk control models;Leading AI technology: Over 90% image recognition rate on damage assessment;Rich practical experience: Endorsed by years of professional experience of Ping An Insurance.

  • Supreme products

    Unique product capability: End-to-end solutions based on system and service Widely recognized service: Accumulatively handling over 10 million claims and reducing auto insurance claims by 2%-4%

  • Extensive cooperation

    Strong resources: Cooperating with over 50% property insurance companies and realizing cross-selling; Wide ecological resources: Over 150,000 high-quality ecological service providers; Professional claims operation: Specialized survey team of over 8,000 people.

  • Claims service platform

    One set of integrated system handles cases of all departments in an all-round way, and five service centers (customer service center, verification center, double-check center, rescue center and maintenance center) improve claims management in multiple processes.

  • Owner service platform

    Offering the value-added service to car owners, improving customer service, and optimizing experience and operating efficiency.

  • Repair service platform

    Three core competencies, namely, direct supply of accessories, supply chain control of accessories and service capability of repair shop, improving claims reduction quality, enhancing service efficiency and expanding landing network.

  • Claim settlement core system

    Six major procedures (filing, investigation, assessment, risk control, adjustment and payment), five major channels (self-service channel, quick compensation channel, standard channel, complex channel and risk channel) and four major engines (operation management engine, customer service engine, accurate damage assessment engine and accurate risk control engine) realize lower risks, better efficiency and services in claims.

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