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Smart Dual Recording

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Solution Overview

In order to standardize insurance sales practices, promote the sustained and healthy development of the insurance industry, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission has successively formulated the Interim Measures for the Retrospective Administration of Insurance Sales Practices and the Measures (Draft for Comments).

To better respond to regulatory requirements, OneConnect introduces an intelligent dual recording system. By means of audio and video recording, sales page management and operation track recording, original data and information such as key links in the sales process of insurance products and important contents of sales practices are recorded and saved, so that the sales practices of insurance institutions can be played back, important information can be inquired, and problem responsibilities can be confirmed.

Business Challenges

  • Regulatory requirements at all levels and company management requirements under different business scenarios are not conformed.

    A flexible configurable system is necessary to conform with the regulations of China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission and its local departments, and at the same time meet the management requirements of companies under different business scenarios.

  • Effectively supporting business development and ensure the smooth progress of dual recording

    The system needs to effectively support the work of agents, quality inspectors and management personnel of the company, and ensure the smooth progress of dual recording of insurance scenarios such as new contract or policy owner services.

  • On the premise of ensuring smooth running, enhancing the efficiency and quality of dual recording for agents.

    Providing better usage experience for the policyholders and the insured, and improving both the efficiency and quality of dual recording for agents.

  • Reducing time and workload of quality inspector to decrease sales risk

    Bringing down the time needed for quality inspection, and lowering the labor costs to reduce the sales risk.

Product Solutions

On the premise of meeting the regulatory requirements and company management requirements under different business scenarios, combined with a number of AI technologies, agents, policyholders and the insured can conveniently and efficiently complete the record and retrospective management of insurance sales behavior.

·Sales: The agent sells face-to-face with the policyholders and the insured in both on-site dual recording and remote dual recording for retrospective management of insurance scenarios such as new contract or policy owner services.

·Online sales: Customers buy insurance products through the Internet by themselves, which is called self-service dual recording, and record and retrospectively manage their purchase behavior.

Product Strengths

  • A system, multiple configurations, meeting the regulatory and management requirements under different scenarios

    A set of system, involving more than 60 configurations such as recording, quality inspection and system management, to meet the requirements of CBIRC, its local departments and insurance companies.

  • Empowered by a number of AI technologies

    In addition to technologies of voice broadcasting, voice recognition, ID recognition, face recognition and real-time audio and video, smart quality inspection is planned to be enhanced to greatly improve inspection efficiency.

  • The precipitation of innovation and polishing of many years' business practice experience of industry head insurance companies

    OneConnect took the lead in launching functions such as voice broadcast and remote dual recording, which greatly optimized the user experience and was recognized by regulators, insurance companies, agents and policyholders and the insured.

Customer Cases

  • Assisting a national TOP10 life insurance company in eastern China to achieve smart dual recording solution

    OneConnect constructed systems of recording terminal and quality inspection terminal for the company in smart dual recording platform.

    Besides, we also care about the thoughts and needs of customers in cooperating with and conforming to the regulatory requirements and business governance, and solve the problems encountered by agents and policyholders and the insured under the scenarios of new contracts or policy owner services, so as to ensure a good experience and help customers realize dual recording management.

    The pass rate of dual recording is increased to over 90%, and the re-recording ratio is reduced

    The quality inspection time of a single video was reduced from 25 minutes to 3 minutes, and the coverage rate was increased to 100%.

    Lowering the labor costs of the quality inspection team by more than 50%.

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