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Digital Credit

"4+2" standard modules within a "system + service" model

Digital Credit Solutions

With the help of financial science and technology, the banking industry has taken the initiative to speed up product and service innovation in recent years and continuously improve the quality and efficiency of financial services. In the field of inclusive finance, the support of science and technology has improved the availability and convenience of financing for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and created multiple paths for the integration of the digital technology and the real economy. Faced with problems such as large system building cost, low operational efficiency, lack of product innovation and shortage of talents, banks urgently need external assistance to promote scientific and technological construction. OneConnect helps banks improve the ability and efficiency of credit business operation and management through intelligent credit integration solutions.

Digital credit solution product overview:

Solution Strengths

  • One system covers all

    Three major customer groups: retail, small & micro enterprises and corporations Four major modules: marketing, product, risk control and operation Middle platform structure, high reusability, easy to combine, quick launch

  • Digital Business Management

    Supporting product solutions, rule models, management templates and guidelines Standardised processes, digitalised risk control and intelligent management Systematic improvement of marketing, risk control and operational capabilities

  • An Open Banking Ecosystem

    Convenient and efficient open banking scenario access capability Experience in building and operating platforms for cross-border trade, government and enterprises Financial service capability to transform scenario-based traditional credit assets into digital assets

  • Intelligent Products

    OneConnect smart loan service platform offers one-stop financial solutions for the implementation of the retail inclusive financial strategy, helping financial institutions to quickly launch various credit scenarios and improve the efficiency of business promotion.

  • Intelligent Risk Management

    Online intelligent approval, intelligent control, intelligent warning, intelligent collection, intelligent monitoring and intelligent analysis are made based on big data, models and strategies.

  • Government & Enterprise Ecosystem

    Through the joint construction of digital intelligence products and digital intelligence risk control, scenario + financial service operational eco-model is rapidly constructed to achieve the interconnection of ecology and finance, and jointly serve the real economy.

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