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Smart Wealth Management

Digital Banking | Digital Retail Banking
Solution Overview

Smart wealth management solution empowers banks from the three directions of retail product management, asset allocation and customer reach, aiming to build a comprehensive solution providing data, platforms, systems and mature experience for banks. The solution will help banks strengthen mid-platform building capabilities, empower wealth management teams with tools to manage assets, achieve the purpose of improving customers' active level and enhancing their stickiness, preserving and increasing customer assets, promote the coordination of various channel sectors, and build a complete and rich wealth mid-platform system in a scientific and technological way.

Business Challenges

  • The release of new regulations on asset management canceling principal-guaranteed products

    On Jan 1, 2022, the transition of the new asset management regulations officially came to an end. Product management requires more professional capabilities in investment management and a completed risk management system. Besides, the wide variety of products, the difficulty of product supply and maintenance, and the lengthy management process seriously restrict the development of banking business

  • Further going online under the evolution of customer behavior and the pandemic

    The new lifestyle and the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic have changed the way that originally relied on outlets to reach customers. Integrating data, building an empowering system, and improving customer experience have become industry topics to enable bank marketers to understand customer needs and find target customers more quickly and accurately

  • Changes in customer relationship

    The relationship between banks and customers is changing to one needing further maintenance. The types of services provided are also changing from supply of single category to an intelligent supermarket with multi categories. Banks need to offer more diversified services to meet differentiated customer needs

  • Intensified competition among peers

    Financial sci-tech means are continuously capturing the market share of traditional commercial banks with excellent customer experience and low cost worldwide. The growth and breakthrough of large joint-stock banks in the field of wealth management has intensified market competition

Product Solutions

OneConnect wealth management product, relying on Ping An Group's accumulated experience in retail digital transformation, provides the banking industry with a complete solution of consulting, financial technology and business operation to serve the businesses of wealth management and private banking. In the wealth management transformation, OneConnect has absorbed advanced concepts and system plans from peers, and made full use of digital capabilities through the combination of consulting and business operation services, so as to yield greater benefits in the utilization rate of systems and performance improvement.

Product mid-platform: Whole-link management of all products, from raw material introduction to factory standard production and full-channel precise delivery of smart shelves, the mid-platform serves as a foundation that supports product business operations. It can adjust the operation strategy in real time according to business needs, dynamically track the click-through rate, conversion rate, transactions of each channel, etc., continuously optimize the operation system, and accumulate operation experience.

Wealth management: Customer-oriented, full-product-based technology system carries out scenario-driven wealth management services, with professional capabilities of investment research managers, investment advisory managers, and product managers at headquarters or branches, to form 1 + N empowering system. Account managers could know customers better, give professional market interpretation and asset allocation solutions based on actual needs, and make appropriate wealth management suggestions and solutions in different environments and cycles. At the same time, the bank's needs can be met at a lower cost, so that middle and low-end customers can enjoy professional services, so as to enhance differentiated competitiveness and enable financial managers to cover more customers and become more professional than before.

Pocket bank: Under the development of Internet, in order to launch online wealth management services, OneConnect has created an online investment advisory solution, AI + T + OFFLINE pocket bank, which can: improve service efficiency, narrow the service distance and maintain enthusiasm through technical means. Effectively solving customers' online demands, wealth management managers respond through the same platform. According to the practice of the group's banking industry, hundreds of application scenarios have been excavated and launched, focusing on new customers ice-breaking, wealth management, business penetration, fund sales, wealth diagnosis and other business areas.

Comprehensive sales supporting: Supported by the system and big data, the product focusing on the bank's specific fund marketing, wealth acquisition, long-tail operation and other scenarios, provides light solutions that can quickly help banks solve business difficulties in specific scenarios, and achieve short-term breakthroughs for upcoming comprehensive wealth management transformation.

Product Strengths

  • Full scenario business experience from Ping An Bank

    Mature Verified Products: Verified by Ping An Group and integrated with front-line experience, the products are simple and friendly to users.

  • On-site support from professional teams

    Accumulation of business experience: An independent team of business experts is set up, offering on-site guidance and long-term service for specific scenarios such as investment and marketing.

  • Data support from Ping An Group

    Data, models and information that have been analyzed and processed to remove noise are provided to help banks better maintain business operations.

Customer Cases

  • Assisting a listed bank in Southwest China to transform from scratch in wealth management

    OneConnect designed the marketing process, the headquarter system and the organizational structure for the bank to transform from the traditional banking business to the wealth management business, creating strong wealth management business and system support for both headquarter and branches.

    Workflow and investment advisor team building in wealth management headquarter.

    Serving more than 200 account managers in branches.

    Establishing an elite marketing team in branches to cover the whole bank's high net worth and ultra-high net worth customers using marketing tools and services.

  • Assisting a medium-sized city commercial bank to achieve comprehensive digital business transformation

    Building a wealth management system to well manage customer wealth and promote the customer-oriented business philosophy.

    Building a product mid-platform system to achieve accurate delivery of customer products, connecting products and multiple distribution channels, focusing on product smart risk control system, customized smart shelf system, and product lifecycle management. Ensuring the sustainable and steady development of AUM product business through full product coverage, full process coverage, online operation and intelligent measures.

    Winning more than 140,000 customers within half a year, reaching the best in history. Retail AUM within half a year increased by 4.6 billion compared with the beginning of the year, exceeding the target 600 million.

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