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Smart Authentication

Digital Insurance | Digital Life Insurance
Solution Overview

OneConnect smart authentication combining world-class AI technologies such as face, living body and voiceprint detection, and OCR recognition, carries out real-time verification through the networking of public security identity systems in the form of API or SDK, so as to quickly and accurately authenticate people and verify their identities. It provides the insurance industry with multi-scenario applications of attendance management, new contracts and policy owner services, claims settlement, customer service and training, and has accumulated rich industry experience.

Product Solutions

ID verification: The verification service is called through a cloud platform interface. According to the user's ID card information, it compares the user's self-portrait with the photos in the Ministry of Public Security’s database in real time to verify the user's identity.

Face comparison: At present, the face comparison service mainly provides 1: 1 service, that is, verifying "whether you are you", and verifying the user's identity by comparing the self-photos uploaded by the user twice in the form of cloud platform interface call and algorithm private deployment.

OCR recognition: OCR recognition technology currently recognizes ID card (front and back), bank card, passport, exit-entry permit for traveling to and from Hong Kong and Macao, travel permit for mainlanders to enter and exit Taiwan, driver's license, driving license and business card in the form of cloud platform interface call, and converts ID card photos and bank card photos uploaded by users into editable words.

Living body recognition: Living body recognition technology is to judge whether the user is a real person or a living person through technical means in the process of face recognition, which is one of the core AI technologies of OneConnect. According to different customer application scenarios and risk control requirements, it can be divided into silent living bodies, dynamic living bodies, video living bodies and multi-frame living bodies.

Customer Cases

  • Assisting one large life insurance company to achieve digital transformation

    Covering the four major application scenarios of Mobile integrated terminal, attendance check, service and new insurance business, OneConnect helps the company significantly improve service efficiency and quality

    Number of calls: 1.2 billion

    One-time pass rate: 98% +

    Average reaction time < 1 second

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