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Solution Overview

For a data closed-loop of business digitalization, data assetization, asset servitization, and service businessization, Daas can provide a one-stop data middle office solution to welcome the digital era by relying on five core capabilities from the data middle office: collection, storage, connection, management, and usage to support and empower enterprise digital transformation and business innovation.

Business Challenges

  • Chaotic product matrix management and delayed data service response

    Due to limited service capacity, enterprise data platform lacks timely response. Chaotic response management leads to delayed data service and poor service experience, which affects the data usage experience and business development of the business side.

  • Chimney construction of data platform incurrs a lot of resource waste

    Lacking overall planning of data product systems, the government and enterprise departments have independent procurement or self-built business systems, leading to many internal "isolated data islands". Without data sharing and exchange, duplicate construction leads to waste of resources.

  • Huge amount of business data and high data governance costs

    When data platform develops to a certain scale, gradually the enterprise will form data assets with loads of data accumulated. The costs will be too high for collecting, storing and processing such a huge amount of data.

  • Significantly increased demand for data valorization

    Although most customers already have a certain data base, they have not formed a closed-loop of the whole data life cycle. Since the proportion of data valorization is low, they cannot provide effective data services, which becomes a barrier for their digital transformation.

Product Solutions

The Data Middle Office integrates the business wisdom of Ping An Finance, and empowers enterprises to realize comprehensive digital intelligence operation.

  • The Data Middle Office integrates the business wisdom of Ping An Finance, and empowers enterprises to realize comprehensive digital intelligence operation;

  • Three types of data management tools: open service platform, data application platform and data asset management platform capture the underlying data, effectively combine data and business with applications and refine data value;

  • One decision center: meets the needs of enterprise operational analysis, explores data in real time by combining with business applications and provides visual reports/board analysis functions, customers' business strategies can be made through the drag and drop in the process canvas function;

Product functions empower businesses to realize the whole process of data management of "data access > data integration > data development > data application > data governance > data analysis", providing unified, modular and standardized service capability management and output, and realizing accurate satisfaction and efficient response to the data needs of the business end.


  • Offline indicator analysis process

Offline indicator collection, definition, management, indicator analysis process


  • Real time customer business strategy analysis process

Real time calculation, event management, customer business strategy analysis process


Product Strengths

  • Data Platform Capability

    The data platform adopts a distributed architecture with high availability and horizontal expansion, and combines the considerable practice of Ping An Technology and Ping An Bank to build a big data fundamental platform integrating data integration, offline computing and real-time computing.

  • Data Content Capability

    With a full understanding of the banking business, OneConnect has built four major data content templates, including theme templates, mart templates, tag templates and indicator templates. We provide one-stop data services from data warehouse to application with high efficiency and fast data application.

  • Data Management Capability

    An all-round management of data is conducted so that it is in the whole process of collection, storage, processing, using, exchange and destruction in terms of standards, quality, lineage, assets and security.

  • Data Application Capability

    Standardized data development and application tools are established. Data development capability is improved and data value is discovered efficiently and conveniently through tool development; data application capability is improved and data value is released through using application tools.

Customer Cases

  • Assisting data convergence and integration of 25+ subsidiaries of a financial investment group to explore data value of each business of the group

    Through a whole-package program, OneConnect assists the financial control group to achieve unified data control, unified data services and data value mining, builds a platform with integrated capacity of unified big data storage, calculation and application, and successfully lands 10 product services such as big data foundation platform, data integration and development, data governance, tag management and machine learning.

    Build 300+ tags to assist the group marketing business expansion;

    Access to 9 major types of business data such as public services, social security protection, smart education, public transportation, etc;

    Delineate 40+ business themes such as card management, traffic and travel, credit products, and marketing effects;

    Assist in establishing 8+ financial control data management methods.

  • Providing data + products + services to assist a joint-stock city commercial bank for operation management and decision-making efficiency improvement

    By establishing three platforms: big data platform, report solution platform and financial data analysis platform, OneConnect realizes the whole transformation process from document->data->index analysis->diversified indicator chart presentation, and explores data value in data reconstruc

    Access to financial statements of 20 banks, including 6 state-owned banks, 9 joint-stock and 5 city commercial banks.;

    Establishment of 340+ indicators, including 40+ key indicators, 30+ deposit indicators, and 200+ loan indicators, etc.;

    800+ data analysis, including loan structure, growth rate analysis, and profitability index growth rate comparison, etc.

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