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Smart Benefits Service

Digital Banking | Digital Retail Banking
Solution Overview

Taking customer benefits as the starting point, and relying on application scenes, OneConnect organizes marketing activities to closely focusing on stratified and refined operation of customer groups, and continuously provide smart benefits operation services suitable for the actual needs of the bank. The customer retention rate, active level and financial conversion rate of the bank are effectively enhanced, forming a four-in-one digital service capability integrating customer groups, benefits, scenes and financial products.

Business Challenges

  • Inadequate operational analysis

    Lack of statistics and data analysis on customer benefits exchange, and failure to effectively use the data accumulated by the benefits platform on customer portraits and financial marketing.

  • Poor transformation effect

    The huge investment of resources in benefit service operation fails to win significant customer retention and financial transformation.

  • Insufficient activity marketing

    Benefit service operation fails to be combined with activity marketing, lacking activity operation and scene orientation.

  • Inefficient customer group management

    The benefit services and customer groups are not well-matched. The benefit products are not accurately recommended according to portraits of specific customer groups, which lacks attraction.

Product Solutions

The benefits platform supports cloud deployment and local deployment, provides multiple application scenarios for banks to solve the problem of subdivided customer operation and the activation of self-owned channels, meets different marketing needs, and effectively promotes financial transformation.

Further goal: horizontal alliances, joint service, scenario-based and ecological operation of customer benefits.

Creating value and taking customer benefits as the starting point to enhance data support, promote diverse operations, and realize ecological closed loop.

Product Strengths

  • Operational analysis improvement

    Through the operational analysis, accumulating user behaviors and merchant tags to feed back financial innovation.

  • Scenario driving transformation

    Incorporating financial products into benefits operation and combining them with specific application scenarios to enhance the conversion rate.

  • Agile marketing

    Equipped with more than 20 types of theme templates, marketing activities could be quickly planned and launched within one week, which is lightweight and agile.

  • Accurate customer reach

    Achieving accurate marketing with tag management, providing different benefits for customer groups to effectively improve operational results.

Customer Cases

  • Assisting customer activation and financial transformation of a bank

    Construction and operation of customer benefits platform for a city commercial bank in Southwest China

    Within around one year after the platform was launched, a total of 330,000 orders were completed, exchanging the benefits value of 51.9 million yuan.

    The number of registered users of the platform reached 180,000, and active customers accounted for 50%.

    70% of active customers have achieved asset growth, with an average growth rate of 55%, effectively nurturing financial services.

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