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Unified Account Opening Management

Digital Banking | Gamma Core
Solution Overview

Unified Account Opening Management mainly solves the pain points of opening bank accounts for individuals and enterprises, acts as a bridgehead for more core product services through ecological scenarios, and supports bank customers to fill in account opening applications online, pre-submit account opening information and pre-approve banks online, so that account opening can be completed in one go, and actively promoting data operation and data-driven financial risk control of banking business.

Business Challenges

  • Inefficient Offline Operation

    It is cumbersome and inefficient for customers to fill out forms offline; Heavy workload for account managers to conduct offline examinations; weak innovation.

  • Scattered Information Collection

    Lack of tracking and control of customer KYC; Heavy offline examination workload and high manpower costs; Weak risk management.

Product Solutions

With a mature front-end function framework, this product seamlessly connects to customer KYC identity verification function; at the same time, it creates a full-process back-end management platform for banks' compliance and risk control departments; for anti-fraud, anti-money laundering and big data risk control, it provides standard API service capabilities.

Product Strengths

  • Mobile

    Moving the process from offline to online

  • Long tailing

    Reach micro, small and long-tail customers

  • Paperless

    No paperwork to fill in

  • Fast

    As fast as 8 minutes for individuals and 40 minutes for businesses

Customer Cases

  • Assisting a Hong Kong branch to achieve rapid account opening for individual and businesses

    According to the original process, it usually takes 3-5 days, or even longer, to complete the registration, authentication and account opening for corporate customers. Relying on advanced OCR, eKYC and face recognition technologies, OneConnect shortens the whole process to 1-2 hours.

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