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Digital Deposit Platform

Digital Banking | Gamma Core
Solution Overview

An integrated platform for deposit core operations based on a virtual account system, which is equipped with deposit core and account capabilities, intelligent operation middle office and ecological scenario integration, providing banks with a comprehensive solution of technology + business to help them reduce costs, increase efficiency in their deposit business and achieve rapid growth.

Business Challenges

  • Difficult Customer Acquisition

    High customer acquisition cost due to non-ideal channels

  • Fierce Competition

    Fierce regional competition and sluggish scale growth

  • Weak Innovation

    Weak product innovation and insufficient operational capability

  • Considerable Restrictions

    High regulatory pressure and restricted deposit-taking model

Product Solutions

An integrated solution that combines channel, intelligent marketing, deposit business innovation and deposit core.

Product Strengths

  • Performance Improvement

    30 billion in average daily deposit retention for partner banks

  • Efficiency Improvement

    Standard API access enables business launch within 3-4 weeks

  • Cost Reduction

    40%-50% lower cost than self-built platform

Customer Cases

  • Achieve rapid growth in offline deposit business for a bank in South West

    Over 800 million in deposits and over 6,000 new customers.

    49% increase in retail deposits in 4 months, exceeding the annual target.

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  • Business Challenges
  • Product Solutions
  • Product Strengths
  • Customer Cases

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