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Smart Management Integrated System

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Solution Overview

Our solution sets a unified smart management platform for FHCs, including a panoramic cockpit platform for the leadership to manage the company. The platform is also available in various business scenarios concerning management on operation, risks, investment, concentration, related party transaction and joint credit.

With the four major functions of "seeing, thinking, doing and reporting", the FHCs can efficiently realize automated and intelligent operation over the whole process of themselves and subordinate enterprises.

Business Challenges

  • Unclear management and control

    The boundary, degree and methods of management in FHCs over themselves and subordinate enterprises are unclear and there are few management experience from peers in the industry.

  • Weak management organization

    Weak management organization.

  • Less experience in overall architecture

    FHCs’ support ability of the information technology is weak, and they lack experience in designing overall digital architecture and path-planning.

  • Defective digital business chain

    There is a gap in accurately customer digital acquisition and digital innovation.

  • Limited data governance ability

    Most FHCs are in the stage of information construction, hindered by little data accumulation, weak external connectivity and lack of analysis tools.

Product Solutions

Focusing on six major professional management and control application systems required by FHCs: management on operation, comprehensive risks, investment, centralized risks, joint credit and related-party transaction. Our product helps managers "see in detail, think thoroughly, do as they can and report in time". The panoramic cockpit platform could present the company's management and control information to leadership through the multi-dimensional display. At the same time, supported by the functions of the management and control application system, such as intelligent analysis, decision-making assistance, automatic warning, event tracking, and timely reporting, the FHCs can realize the visual, streamlined, automated and intelligent management and control of themselves and subordinate enterprises.

Product Strengths

  • Well structured

    A panoramic cockpit platform shows indicators about the development stage and corresponding risks based on the regulatory requirements.

  • Flexibly configured

    Visual configuration chart, dashboard cockpit, robot-assisted data relocation are available.

  • Widely compatible

    The standard open interface can rapid adapt to current IT system and has a high compatibility.

Customer Cases

  • The digital upgrade on overall management and follow-up operation of a central-level FHC in northern China

    Our product helps the headquarter of a FHC and its subordinate companies to improve digital capabilities, and form three core capabilities: operating direction control, comprehensive risk control and business collaboration control,

    so as to help the company achieve effective management and greatly accelerate its digital transformation.

    OneConnect established a data middle platform, realizing the opening of "1 + 8" data, and the access of external data, and laying a foundation for the subsequent collection, processing and application of big data.

    Three major application systems, covering the "1 + 3" major business scenarios including the construction of data governance system and the panoramic cockpit, benefit business analysis, risk management and information disclosure.

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