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Government & Enterprise Ecosystem

Digital Bank | Digital Credit
Solution Overview

A digital eco-platform is established through the joint construction of digital intelligence products and digital intelligence risk control. A scenario + financial service operational eco-model is rapidly constructed to achieve the interconnection of ecology and finance, and jointly serve the real economy.

Business Challenges

  • Eco-transaction model

    Customised scenario eco-transaction model leads to high costs of risk control during the process.

  • Ecological data types

    Scenario ecological data types vary greatly, and it is difficult to utilize financial products combined with digitalised information.

  • Ecological digitisation

    Too many digital forms of eco-scenarios lead to poor adaptation of single-dimensional products

Product Solutions

13 digitally empowered functions help to build a digital and open eco-platform for"scenario + financial services"

Product Strengths

  • Connect from one point with panoramic response to enhance efficiency

    Connect government with enterprises, enabling access to multiple scenarios in agriculture, manufacturing, science and innovation, trade and government procurement

  • Open ecosystem with multi-dimensional data achieving a multi-dimensional portrait

    Gather logistics, information, commodity circulation and government data to show enterprise portrait and transaction panoramic portrait

  • End-to-end integration and multi-product one-stop empowerment scenarios

    Covering aspects including industial and supply chains, procurement, transportation, and sales, connecting multiple financial products to empower multiple ecological entities in the scenario Enquire now

  • Joint operation to achieve win-win results

    Around the full cycle of platform growth and business scenarios, OneConnect provides "technology + business" services to crack the information asymmetry between banks and enterprises, and improve the level of government business supervision, so that enterprises, financial institutions and the government can achieve win-win results.

Customer Cases

  • SME financing platform in Guangdong Province

    By providing technology + finance solutions, ConnectOne has created a Guangdong SME financing platform for the Guangdong government, linking the government, scenarios and banks, leveraging scenario-based financial cooperation and bringing high threshold and high quality sustainable revenue to banks.

    As of June 30, 2022, nearly 1,500 financial products of 850 + financial institutions have been introduced to provide financing services for 1.3 million + SMEs.

    Nearly 120 billion yuan have been raised.

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