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Smart Collection

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Solution Overview

Through smart collection system and operation consulting service, OneConnect builds a new man-machine coordination mode with specialized robots and rich business experience. Robots are trained with collection full-scene dialogue samples, strategy templates, etc. that have been verified by practices, which is friendly to users. Moreover, it provides comprehensive empowering services such as AI operation effect consulting and diagnosis, standard operation consulting of collection scenes, and effective operation services, which greatly improves the return rate of AI collection, and reduces labor costs and customer complaint rates.

Business Challenges

  • Difficult to communicate with smart collection

    Rigid design of traditional process template, low accuracy, and not as flexible as human staff.

  • Weak smart collection ability

    Blunt dialogue samples, time-consuming training, and high multi-intention rejection rate.

  • Poor collection business effect

    Low collection return rate, improper dialing strategy, poor telemarketing effect, and low feedback rate of return visit.

  • Lack of smart operation experience

    Long construction period from 0 to 1, lack of AI operation methodology, high operating costs, and vague AI operation indicators.

Product Solutions

With the dual empowering of "product + business",

a new man-machine coordination mode is built, 

combined with the characteristics of each collection stage. 

Through smart product portfolio, it supports all collection stages. 

Product Strengths

  • Fast launching speed

    100,000 + collection corpus, 50 + process templates of outbound call, and 34 sets of smart quality inspection models can be quickly launched in 1 week.

  • Strong business ability of collection bots

    The robots can quickly identify customer intentions, accurately apply pressure and facilitate implementation. It presets the robot series strategy of interactive promotion, and upgrades robots according to the results of each call to build a progressive AI business model for collection.

  • Empowerment of business experience

    Enriched by Ping An's years of practical experience in collection business, OneConnect formulates operation strategies and indicators based on business effects, provides consulting services for a new operation model of man-machine collaboration.

Customer Cases

  • Building a SaaS-based smart voice platform for an auto finance company to gradually replace labor, and improve business results

    OneConnect provides SaaS smart voice solutions and technology + business models for the pain points of less agents, low intelligence, and difficulty in improving artificial effects, and lack of independent operation capabilities of auto-finance institutions. We have built a SaaS smart collection system and customized exclusive auto-finance scene templates and smart operation services to further accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises.

    Customer reach:After the collection system is launched, the number of daily outbound calls is about 10,000, the monthly sum of outbound calls is about 50,000, and the efficiency is more than 80% higher than that of pure manual labor.

    Platform construction: The SaaS-based smart voice platform and customer service management platform are built from 0 to 1 to combine self-service, intelligent service and artificial service.

    Business empowerment:The smart platform provides customers with templates and wikis of multiple scenario such as collection, return visit, and marketing, as well as training such as outbound call scenario process construction and intention training, so as to improve customers' independent operation ability to yield business results. 

    Operational results:The accuracy rate of NLU and ASR reaches 85%, the connection rate of overdue customers is higher than 45%, and the dialogue completion rate is 75%.

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