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Smart Customer Service

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Solution Overview

Smart customer service provides "product + business" solutions, including smart voice navigation, text robots, smart Wiki, agent assistant, and smart quality inspection. In business, it provides existing templates and AI operation services such as business consultation, and business operation, improving both products and operation to help enterprises achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase.

Business Challenges

  • Lack of plan

    There are many intelligent products. However, what kind of intelligent products to choose, how to optimize the arrangement of product launching, and how to combine the existing systems with goals are still remaining problems.

  • Lack of system

    After the smart customer service are launched, there is no efficient AI management system, which makes AI operation management difficult.

  • Lack of operation

    No idea to construct content from 0 to 1 leads to the failure of launching after purchase of smart products; and the poor launching effect makes it hard to tune operation from 1 to N.

  • Lack of talent

    Talents who understand business, AI, and analysis are scarce; and training costs are high and talent supply cycles are long.

Product Solutions

Smart customer service solutions make 2 progresses and 2 innovations, 

with AI deeply empowering customer service center

Product Strengths

  • 4 major capability building

    · Specialist consultation:Consultation of scenario planning, application standard, and team training;· 4 major categories of preset templates:Smart voice, smart text, smart quality inspection, and smart assistance;· Whole-process operation tools: Organizational structure → Process management → Training management → System specifications;· Underlying engine support:ASR, TTS, NLP, regular, emotion..

  • Cover 4 major scenes

    · Hotline call in:Business consultation, business management, cross-marketing, etc;· Online consultation:Business consultation, business management, cross-marketing, etc;· Agent assistance:Business process, dialogue specifications, etc;· Agent specifications:Dialogue samples, tendency to complain, etc.

  • Reach 3 layers of value

    · Cost reduction:Cover all AI scenarios to reduce labor costs;· Quality improvement:Provide targeted training of agents, and real-time assistance;· Value mining:Make analysis of customer hot spot and process optimization.

More customer cases
  • Solution Overview
  • Business Challenges
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  • Product Strengths

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